Join Gini for John of God healing tours to Brazil

abadiania-brazilJoin Virginia for an amazing journey to Abadiania, Brazil to meet John of God, the Brazilian healer who has touched the lives of millions.

Virginia is leading nine scheduled trips to Brazil in 2017... an amazing journey to renew your physical, spiritual and emotional needs with John of God.

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NEW! John of God Meditation CD available

Virginia-Rebata-Meditation-CDThrough this guided meditation, you will feel the healing that countless others experience every day at the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia, Brazil. Virginia's soft, soothing voice will guide you into a serene, tranquil state in which you will be open to receive the blessings of the entities and divine spirits of light whom John of God incorporates.



Virginia “Gini” Rebata is a wonderful guide for a trip to see John of God at the Casa de dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil. She is highly knowledgable about the many procedures at the Casa, which is very important given that 1,000 or more people visit each day John of God is working. Without a guide it can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t speak Portuguese and even if you do.

Gini is also knowledgable about the town itself. She can tell you where the best shop is for crystals and jewelry, can tell you crystal meanings and what they can be helpful with. She knows where to go for a snack, for Tylenol, for a new pair of capris, flip flops, a white dress or shirt, and connect you with someone to do your laundry.

And Gini is so much more than knowledgeable. She is by far the most consistently compassionate human being I have ever met. Her relationship with her clients is personal and warm, and the care and concern is always present. You get the feeling you are in good hands and always being guided in the right direction.

If you are planning a trip to see John of God I strongly encourage you to hire a guide, and I can certainly recommend Gini very highly. I have met other guides on my trips to Abadiania, and while they may be knowledgeable, and may be caring, in my opinion they don’t possess the entire package, and Gini does.

I give her 5 out of 5 stars.

Trish Hartog
Clinical Psychologist


Virginia’s coaching abilities are really impressive. Her ability to listen to what is really being said, her insightfulness and her intuition are always evident. She is able to get her coachees to quickly identify the source of their obstacles and help move them forward to achieving their goals and dreams.

Andy Robinson
Active Dimensions, Inc.


Virginia is a special coach and human being who naturally attracts people to her warmth and intelligence. While many of us can receive training on how to coach effectively, what cannot be taught is the real stuff that separates those who are good from those who are great. Virginia, has that right ‘stuff’. She has that uncanny ability to meet a coachee exactly where they are at with empathy and compassion balanced with objectivity and focus. She coaches with brilliance!”

Sue Fox Schwartz
Global Services Business Transformation


Virginia is able to quickly develop rapport with her coachess and immediately relates to them with compassion. She naturally creates a safe environment for her coachees to open themselves up. Her good listening skills enable her to track her coachees throughout her conversations and present them with provocative questions at the right time.”

Jennifer Corbin
Master Certified Coach

John of God Tours
Gini focuses her work on spiritual healing and leads John of God Meditations in Brazil. She is an official guide and Daughter of the Casa de Dom Inacio where John of God does his healing for people that visit from all around the world. He has touched the lives of millions of people on Earth in miraculously healing ways!

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